Latvala's Donations Dry Up Amidst Harassment Allegations

Dec 12, 2017

Campaign donations for State Senator and candidate for governor Jack Latvala have dried up since allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.

What a difference a month makes. Since the allegations came to light in early November, only $60,000 was raised for Latvala's campaign for governor. More than half of that came from in-kind services provided by the state Republican party. And state records indicate he spent nearly all the revenue on his Tallahassee lawyer and a Los Angeles media consultant.

The month before, in October, Latvala raised six times that amount.

Meanwhile, Adam Putnam, his chief rival for the Republican nod for governor, collected $270,000 in November. The month's top fundraiser was Democratic candidate Philip Levine, who raised more than $800,000.

Latvala's campaign has been battered by allegations of sexual harassment by six women, and he is currently being investigated by the Senate. Latvala has denied the allegations.