House Panel Advances Inter-State Voter Registry Agreements

Apr 4, 2017
Originally published on April 3, 2017 3:16 pm

State lawmakers are attempting to make it easier to identify questionable entries on the voter rolls.

A House proposal would allow Florida’s top election official to cross reference the voter rolls with other states.  The sponsor, Rep. Ross Spano (R-Dover), offers the example of someone moving away from Florida.

“They just forgot to notify the supervisor here,” Spano says. “What would happen is the supervisor of elections here in this local area where they moved from, would send out notification to the person that says we believe there’s—it appears as though you’ve moved.  Would you clarify?  Would you respond to us?”

But Spano says the bill makes no changes to the process for removing voters from the rolls.

“The window or period of time within which the various supervisors of election have to finalize the voter rolls remains what it is today,” he says, “and that is 90 days prior to any election.”

If it appears voters are registered in more than one state, the bill directs county election supervisors to verify a voter’s residence as part of their routine maintenance of the voter registry.  

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