In George Zimmerman Trial, No Ruling On Whether Jurors Will Be Sequestered

Jun 12, 2013

George Zimmerman arrives in Seminole circuit court on Tuesday.
Credit Joe Burbank / AP

As of Tuesday, 41 potential jurors had been dismissed in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial. No ruling had been issued on whether jurors will be sequestered. But as jury selection continues, attorneys are asking prospective jurors how much of a hardship that would be.

The trial is expected to last four to six weeks. Two prospective jurors testified it would be tough to be apart from their children, but they could do it.

Judge Debra Nelson denied a defense request to sequester all 500 prospective jurors, but she's ordered that all jurors remain anonymous.

Another prospective juror said he would be concerned if his identity became public.

"What if I am chosen, and we make a decision and a family member or a friend of mine is very strongly opposed to the verdict that we rendered," the man said. "Would I alienate that person?"

Attorneys also are asking prospective jurors how closely they've followed the case in the news. They want to make sure jurors won't be swayed by previous coverage.

Attorneys will select six jurors and four alternates. As of Tuesday, they had interviewed about a dozen from the jury pool.

Zimmerman is the former Sanford neighborhood watch volunteer who says he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self-defense last year.

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