Florida Matters Re-Broadcast: Self-Driving Cars

Apr 5, 2017

Self-driving cars – are they the road to the future or pie in the sky? This week on Florida Matters we’re revisiting a discussion about the promise and the perils of automated vehicles.

You may not have noticed, but Florida has become a hotbed for driverless car technology. The self-driving vehicle is quickly moving from the Jetsons to a road near you!

Our guests include:

  • State Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg). Senator Brandes has introduced laws that have made Florida the most welcoming place for self-driving cars in the country.
  • Paul Steinman, District Seven Secretary with the Florida Department of Transportation. He represents five counties with nearly three million residents in the Tampa Bay Area.
  • Nidhi Kalra, senior information scientist with the RAND Corp. Kalra recently co-led a study on policy guidelines for autonomous vehicles.

Florida Matters’ Robin Sussingham also takes a trip to Florida Polytechnic University, where students are only a few weeks into a brand new class that teaches the basics of building an autonomous vehicle.