Florida Matters Re-Broadcast: The Fight To Save Florida Citrus

Mar 28, 2017

The disease called citrus greening has wreaked havoc on our state's most iconic industry. Florida is harvesting the smallest citrus crop in 52 years.

State and federal dollars have been pouring into frantic efforts to save groves. Some of the efforts seem to be paying off. But is it too late for the small family farms?

This week on Florida Matters we revisit a discussion on the breathtaking decline in Florida's citrus industry, and learn about new farming methods and research that show promise for the industry’s future.

Our guests include:

Credit Florida Citrus Mutual

Michael Sparks, CEO of Florida Citrus Mutual, a cooperative that represents the interests of the state's citrus growers. Sparks was recently inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame.

Credit CRDF

Dr. Harold Browning, COO of the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, the organization that has oversight over greening research efforts.

Credit Scott Young

Scott Young, a citrus grower in Alturas. He's the third generation that has worked in the citrus business in his family. Young is also a Polk County Farm Bureau board member.