Florida Matters: PriceCheck Stories

In 1930, a mother in Kansas spent ten days in the hospital to deliver her baby. Total bill? $66. Well the cost of health care has gone up quite a bit since then -- how can you know how much many medical procedures cost these days?

Health News Florida has PriceCheck, an online tool to help you compare costs of common health procedures. This week on Florida Matters we're featuring people who shared their own frustrations and sticker shock!

In 1930, a mother in Kansas spent 10 days in the hospital to deliver her baby for $66.

We hear from a St. Petersburg resident who tried to shop around for a CT scan, but it didn't quite work out. Another man from Clearwater should have shopped around for the price of an echocardiogram, but didn't.

One woman from the Miami area got a nasty shock from a steep ambulance bill she never expected. And a Medicare patient from Pinellas Park was suffering from back pain, but that’s not the only pain she felt.

Do these billing fiascoes sound familiar? Share your story with us or enter your information into the PriceCheck database.

Our panel includes:

  • Julio Ochoa, editor of Health News Florida
  • Stephanie Colombini, reporter for Health News Florida and producer of Florida Matters
  • Jeanne Pinder, creator of PriceCheck and founder and CEO of Clear Health Costs