Florida Matters: The Orlando Nightclub Massacre

Jun 15, 2016

The shooter in the Orlando mass murder was Omar Mateen, a US citizen who said he was a practicing Muslim. He professed his allegiance to ISIS during his attack on the gay nightclub.

Florida Matters Host Robin Sussingham talks with Retired Army Colonel Derek Harvey, a senior fellow at USF's Global Initiative for Civil Society and Conflict, who says that Mateen's views on homosexuality didn't come out of a vacuum. He and retired FBI officer Dave Couvertier talk with Florida Matters' Robin Sussingham about extremist Muslim groups and the ways they use the internet as a tool.


Abe Aboraya, WMFE Public Radio reporter

Col. Derek Harvey, Senior Fellow at USF's Global Initiative for Civil Society and Conflict specializing in the Middle East, a former special advisor to Gen. David Petraeus and a former Defense Intelligence Agency Senior Leader

Dave Couvertier, recently retired FBI agent with 33 years experience in law enforcement including SWAT, hostage negotiations and spokesman.