Florida Holidays: Santa on the Beach

Dec 19, 2012

When listener Wade Mullins sent us this photo for our Florida Holidays project, we couldn't resist soliciting captions. The following are suggestions from the elves on the WUSF Facebook page.

Caption, anyone?
Credit Wade Mullins

Wendell Steiner of St. Petersburg: "Things have really changed here at the North Pole... Al Gore was right!"

Donna Perino Scott: “Ahh, my last stop—Florida. I think I'll retire here!”

Leslie Montes of Tampa: “After a busy day on his feet supervising the elves, Rudolf said ‘Come on, Santa. Let's work on your coloring. You are looking a little pale.’ So on Dancer, on Prancer, Comet and Vixen, let's take Santa to Florida for a break from Christmas's fixins'.”

Joan Lambert: “Sorry, folks, this is as far as I go.”

Katherine Moser Kelly: “Rudolph better get here before the sun goes down with the beer!”

WUSF reporter/producer Mark Schreiner: “I probably should get started with my Christmas shopping. One more cold one first.”

Constance Virostek: “Ahaaa…”

Carrie Caignet of Gulfport: "The end of the Mayan calendar... Drop ONE Oreo in Mexico and everyone FREAKS OUT!”

Ian Foster of Moscow, Russia (!): “Ahhhhh… Boots in cooler. Just another few hours and I'll put them on and get back to my sleigh!”

Dorothy V. Rinaldi of Tampa: “Hmmm… Wonder if this cooler will fit in the sleigh?”

Liz Snyder of St. Petersburg: “One more sunbathing till my vacation in Florida is over.”

Jon Boliek of Sarasota: “Poooped…”