Day Two Departure Problems For Southwest Airlines

Jul 21, 2016

The systemwide Southwest Airlines computer glitch from yesterday has been repaired.  It grounded flights across the country and left passengers in the lurch. But there's been a ripple effect today for passengers.

By around 7:30 this morning, Southwest had about 13 cancellations and 23 delays out of Tampa International Airport, according to airport spokesman Danny Valentine.

"I am unsure if these are going to continue throughout the day, but we advise all travelers, as we would with any traveler, to check on their flight status prior to coming to the airport, just to make sure everything is on time and on schedule and to plan accordingly," Valentine said. 

Southwest Airlines said on its website, it's going to provide more information later on flexible rebooking.

And the airline is vowing to "work with each and every affected customer to make this right."