CSX: Faulty Bearing Caused Florida Train Derailment, Spill

Nov 29, 2017

Officials say a faulty bearing caused the derailment of a train hauling molten sulfur in Florida.

The Lakeland Ledger reports that a passerby called 911 early Monday to report sparks near one of the wheels just minutes before nine of the 192 total cars left the tracks near Lakeland. A preliminary investigation released Tuesday by CSX officials says the cause was a faulty bearing on an axle of one of the rail cars.

The derailment spilled 3,000 gallons of molten sulfur, a hazardous chemical. Another car leaked 12,000 gallons of cooking oil. A busy road near the tracks was closed for more than 36 hours.

CSX officials say they're monitoring air quality to make sure nearby residents are safe.

Lakeland is between Tampa and Orlando in central Florida