Courtenay O' Connell and Michael Sims Love WUSF

Oct 9, 2013

Courtenay O'Connell and Michael Sims love WUSF Public Media... and each other.
Credit Dalia Colón / WUSF

For WUSF Public Media Cornerstone Society members Courtenay O'Connell and Michael Sims, one radio just isn't enough. 

Says Sims, "My wife is such a fan that she has a radio going in the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room so she cannot miss one second of it as she moves through the house."

"That's true," O'Connell admits with a laugh. "I am the one that has brought WUSF into our relationship... We can't imagine living without WUSF. Of course, I can't imagine living without my husband, either."