Nicole Slaughter Graham

News Intern

Nicole Slaughter Graham is a WUSF Stephen Noble Intern for the 2019 spring semester.

Before taking the plunge as a full-time freelance journalist, she was the digital editor at duPont REGISTRY, where she wrote and edited for the publication’s digital site, Autofluence. As a freelance journalist, she has contributed to publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, U.S. News & World Report, Cosmopolitan magazine, and

Slaughter Graham is a graduate of Eckerd College, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in digital journalism and design from USF St. Petersburg.

Slaughter Graham hopes to one day obtain a newsroom position as a multi-media reporter and would also like to add “college professor of journalism” to her resume.

Nicole Slaughter Graham / WUSF Public Media

At this year’s Florida State Fair, the agriculture scene is on full display. As you might expect, cows, goats and pigs are available for fairgoers to feed and pet. But this year’s agricultural exhibits also include another of the state’s prosperous, but lesser-known commodities: aquaculture.

Mark Schreiner / WUSF 89.7 News

Now in its seventh year, the St. Petersburg Conference of International Affairs is expanding its scope to include local establishments that cater to a global audience.

U.S. Airforce

In Hillsborough County, each of the 100 public elementary schools has crossing guards to help children get to and from school safely.

Its 42 middle schools, however, do not offer the same protections for their students.

Nicole Slaughter Graham / WUSF Public Media

For the past 93 years, the Tampa Theatre has been a buzzing hub for entertainment and movies. Visitors come from all over to enjoy the storied, Mediterranean style theatre.

To honor the building's significance, a Tampa lawmaker has submitted a letter asking the government to recognize it as a State Historical Marker.

Robert Suess / Hillsborough County Public Works

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September of 2017, the resulting power outages were felt all across the bay area.

Of the more than 300 traffic signals maintained by Hillsborough County, 125 lost power, making it difficult for motorists to navigate. 

Emily Nipps / Tampa International Airport

Representatives Kathy Castor, D-Tampa and Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg joined a host of local federal workers at Tampa International Airport Tuesday to talk about the government shutdown and its continuing effects.

Roberto Roldan / WUSF Public Media

In Florida, voter pre-registration is open to both 16 and 17-year-olds, which means their private information like phone numbers, addresses, and birth dates is public record. Two Florida lawmakers are trying to change that.