Craig Kopp

Host All Things Considered

Craig Kopp is relatively new to Florida and the Tampa Bay area. The veteran broadcaster and writer spent the majority of his 30 year career in Ohio.

Craig graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1974 with a BA in American History and a minor in Journalism and immediately went into radio journalism in nearby Toledo.

From there it was on to Cincinnati where he headed up an award winning radio newsroom at WEBN. A rock station with an award-winning newsroom, Craig likes to point out. In Cincinnati, Craig also co-hosted a current events talk show, wrote movie reviews and features for the Cincinnati Post and did the same for Channel 9, Channel 12 and Channel 19 television.

He ended his Cincinnati career at public radio station WNKU at Northern Kentucky University. The opportunity to work at a growing and dedicated public radio newsroom brought Craig to WUSF in June 2011 to anchor “All Things Considered.”

Craig’s wife Rhonda is a marriage counselor. They share their Apollo Beach home with Molly the pug, Tom the Tom cat and Chester the Persian cat.


9:18 am
Tue July 22, 2014

Fact-Checking the Battle of Gubernatorial Campaign Ads


It's the battle of the TV ads -- literally -- in the race for Florida governor. 

Former Republican governor and presumed democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has launched his first TV ad, with lots of claims that were immediately countered by a fresh TV commercial from the Republican Party of Florida -- using parts of Crist's own ad.

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Making Sense of the Media
2:11 pm
Sun July 13, 2014

Making Sense of Coverage of the World Cup's Biggest Loss

The 7-1 victory by Germany over Brazil in the World Cup generated the most activity around a single sports game on Twitter ever.

Over 35-and-a-half million tweets during the game itself, and at peak volume, nearly 600,000 people were tweeting about it at the same time.

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2:22 pm
Wed July 9, 2014

Fact-Checking Marijuana Law Claims About Charlie Crist


The race for Florida governor is heating up.

Gov. Rick Scott's likely Democratic challenger Charlie Crist released his first TV ad this week. It's called "Sunshine" -- and its focus is definitely positive.

But mud is being slung in the campaign.

Though, sometimes, it's hard to figure out who is slinging it.

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Making Sense of the Media
6:16 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

Making Sense of Internet Comment Sections

Are internet comments sections the new town square, or cesspools of racism, sexism and worse?

Whenever you scroll down through a comments section, at some point you encounter something that makes you cringe.

Can these often offensive comments sections be improved without cutting off free speech?

"It's definitely problematic and if we're going to make the internet work as a form of communication, we have got to figure this out," said Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute's Sense-making Project.

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12:14 pm
Wed June 25, 2014

PolitiFact Says Promise Kept for Scott on Taxes


Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott is no fan of taxes, promising to "oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes."

And PolitiFact Florida says Scott has followed through on that promise.

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Making Sense of the Media
8:34 pm
Sun June 22, 2014

Making Sense of Wikipedia


When you want to know something about somebody or something and do an internet search, where do you most often end up?

Is it Wikipedia?

The online, crowd-sourced, encyclopedia has become something of the encyclopedia of the wired generation.

Jimmy Wales founded the company that launched Wikipedia in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2001.

And it's a go-to source for information on just about everything.

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2:51 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

Fact-Checking Medical Marijuana Caregiver Qualifications

When it comes to fact-checking the growing debate over Florida's proposed constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana, well, let's just say it's a target-rich environment.

There are new claims about what the amendment would do and its effects on drug use on a regular basis.

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Making Sense of the Media
1:14 pm
Fri June 13, 2014

Making Sense of #SurvivorPrivilege

Credit Washington Post

The White House recently released a Task Force report on sexual assault on college campuses, saying one-in-five women on college campuses are sexually assaulted and calling for more education and enforcement.

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1:33 pm
Wed June 11, 2014

Fact-Checking Charlie Crist on Tuition Increases


Education is quickly becoming ammunition in the upcoming gubernatorial battle between Florida's Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his likely Democratic opponent -- former governor and former Republican Charlie Crist.

The latest charges from Scott's camp are that Crist raised college tuition in Florida a bunch before Scott came in and started lowering college costs.

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Making Sense of the Media
12:40 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Making Sense of Maureen Dowd's Bad Marijuana Trip

New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd was in the state of Colorado a while back, a state that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

She decided to eat a couple of bites of a marijuana-infused chocolate bar as she sat in her hotel room.

And now she's written about the experience -- which was not a good one.

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3:16 pm
Wed June 4, 2014

Is Cap and Trade a Republican Idea? The PolitiFact Ruling


With the federal Environmental Protection Agency's  new targets for reducing carbon emissions just being released, the debate over how to reduce atmosphere-heating carbon is on -- again.

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Making Sense of the Media
2:08 pm
Fri May 30, 2014

Making Sense of Elliot Rodger's Manifesto

Credit A.P.

Twenty-two-year old Elliot Roger killed six people in a rampage in Santa Barbara, California.

It was a rampage predicted by a series of YouTube videos and writings that serve as a manifesto of a young man seeking revenge for his loneliness.

The news media was all over this back story to the tragic killings.

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Making Sense of the Media
4:22 pm
Fri May 23, 2014

Making Sense of The New York Times' Editor Firing

Credit A.P.

In the newspaper business, editors are not particularly loved.

In fact, they have long had a reputation for being tough, hard-headed and difficult to work with.

Yet, that's exactly the reputation Jill Abramson had as the first female editor of The New York Times.

And, being tough to work with was reportedly one of the reasons she was fired.

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11:57 am
Wed May 21, 2014

Fact-Checking Kriseman On His Pier Promises

When Rick Kriseman was running for Mayor of St. Petersburg, he made a number of promises about resolving the future of the St. Pete Pier.

A referendum had stopped the proposed building of a design called "The Lens" -- with left the iconic inverted pyramid a fenced in shell of itself.

Among other things, Kriseman promised a new pier would be opened by the end of 2015.

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Making Sense of the Media
2:35 pm
Thu May 15, 2014

Making Sense of the Michael Sam Kiss

Credit espn

A football player kisses his partner when he gets the news that he's been drafted by an NFL team.

What's the big deal?

Well, it was Michael Sam, becoming he first openly gay man to be drafted by the NFL. And he was kissing his boyfriend Vito Cammisano.

Twitter and other social media lit up after ESPN broadcast the moment -- over and over and over again.

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