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Joe Negron Ready To Take Helm Of Senate

Nov 19, 2016

After running powerful budget committees in the House and Senate and emerging last year from a contentious leadership fight, Stuart Republican Joe Negron is set to take the gavel Tuesday as president of the Florida Senate.

Negron, a 55-year-old attorney, will formally replace Orlando Republican Andy Gardiner during a one-day organization session of the Legislature. Across the Capitol's fourth floor, Land O' Lakes Republican Richard Corcoran will take over as House speaker.

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President-elect Donald Trump announced his selections today for three key posts: Michael Flynn for national security adviser, Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director.

Trump's selections signal that he is prioritizing loyalty as he chooses nominees for top posts — turning to people who were early and outspoken supporters of his campaign.

Last week’s presidential election is cause for much hand wringing, but Florida’s Defense Support Task Force is more concerned about the Sunshine State’s declining clout on Capitol Hill.

Corcoran Looks For 'Transformational' Time As Speaker

Nov 17, 2016
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One of the most memorable speeches by Richard Corcoran, who will officially become speaker of the Florida House next week, had nothing to do with his goals for what the Legislature would achieve. It had everything to do with stopping something he despised.

It was 2015, and the Senate was proposing a variation of Medicaid expansion that Corcoran and many other House Republicans adamantly opposed. In a fiery speech on the House floor, Corcoran made it clear that there would be no compromise.

John Morgan Mulls Run For Governor

Nov 17, 2016

He's a blustery rich guy with a penchant for media attention and a catchy slogan.

No, not the guy preparing to move into the White House. We're talking about the one in Orlando whose "For The People" ads are a fixture on television screens, billboards and the sides of buses.

And after lawyer John Morgan shepherded through a constitutional amendment last week to broadly legalize medical marijuana in Florida, rumblings started that he might be a Democratic candidate for governor in 2018.

Twenty-one-year-old Representative Amber Mariano is vowing to put the “fresh” in freshman as the youngest woman ever elected to the Florida House.

While America has experienced a peaceful transition between presidents 44 times, there has never been a president-elect quite like Donald Trump.


Incoming President Donald Trump has been on the stump attacking Obamacare, vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act. One of the claims he's made is that Floridians will see a double-digit increase in their premiums next year. To dissect that claim, WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Josh Gillin of PolitiFact Florida.

Florida helped propel Donald Trump to his historic presidential win. 

Record voter turnout in South Florida -- and the Democratic votes that came -- were not enough to hold off a surge of voters for Trump almost everywhere else. 

Hispanics did not support Hillary Clinton in large enough numbers and some were not put off by Trump’s rhetoric about immigration. Instead, the economics and strong on crime and trade messages resonated with Florida voters.

Decision Florida talks with the head of Hispanic outreach for the Republicans and state party officials.  

Like the newly elected President and the future Congress, Florida’s future leaders will look pretty much the same. Still, while the Republican-led state legislature still continues to hold a majority, there were some upsets.

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In 2012, President Obama issued an executive order called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA -- giving amnesty to children brought into the United States illegally with their families.

And during the campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump said he'll "immediately terminate" two of Obama's executive orders concerning immigration -- one of them being DACA.

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Hundreds of people marched through downtown St. Petersburg Sunday night, continuing a wave of nationwide protests to Tuesday's election of Donald Trump as president.

In St. Petersburg, a diverse crowd--young, old, black, Latino, white, gay and straight in solidarity, chanting "Love trumps hate" and "Donald Trump has got to go". 

Anthony Martino

On Wednesday night, about 75 protestors marched in Tampa's Ybor City to protest President-elect Donald Trump. 

Blue-Collar Counties Key For Trump In Florida

Nov 10, 2016
Fl. Division of Elections

In 2012, then-GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney beat President Barack Obama in Duval County, a crucial area for Republicans running in Florida, by 14,878 votes. Romney would lose Florida and the presidential election.

Four years later, Republican Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Duval by just 6,434 votes --- then went on to carry Florida while winning the White House in one of the most stunning presidential victories in decades.

Trump Election Boosts Scott, Bondi

Nov 9, 2016
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Two of Florida's top Republican leaders are immediate political beneficiaries of Donald Trump's surprising but decisive presidential victory Tuesday.

Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi never embraced the favorite-son presidential candidacies of former Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen Marco Rubio. That put Scott and Bondi at odds with the majority of Florida's GOP establishment.

Voters Back Tax Exemptions For First Responders, Seniors

Nov 9, 2016
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In two issues that received relatively little attention, voters on Tuesday night voted overwhelmingly to approve constitutional amendments that could lead to property-tax breaks for disabled first responders and some seniors. 

Bobbie O'Brien / WUSF Public Media

To get past this week's divisive presidential election – some people are choosing to move forward and work together as a community. So, WUSF News reached out to an expert in conflict resolution for some ideas.

Holy Name Monastery is nestled in the rolling hills of Pasco County. It was founded by the Benedictine Sisters  of Florida 127 years ago, and has a tradition of offering a “welcoming hand, kind heart and listening ear” to those who seek harmony with others.

President Obama, saying "we are all rooting for his success," vowed his staff would work as hard as it can to ensure a successful transition of power to president-elect Donald Trump.

Obama spoke in the White House Rose Garden with Vice President Joe Biden at his side. The president had phoned Trump at 3:30 Wednesday morning to congratulate him on his upset victory over democrat Hillary Clinton, and invited Trump to the White House Thursday to discuss transition matters.


Thank you so much. Please, please have a seat. My wife Anne and I are so proud of Hillary Clinton. I'm proud of Hillary Clinton because she has been and is a great history maker in everything she has done - as a civil rights lawyer, and First Lady of Arkansas, and First Lady of this country, and senator, and Secretary of State. She has made history. In a nation that is good at so many things but that has made it uniquely difficult for a woman to be elected to federal office.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself on the wrong end of an electoral split, moving ahead in the popular vote but losing to President-elect Donald Trump in the Electoral College, according to election results that are still being finalized.

As of midday Thursday ET, Clinton had amassed 59,938,290 votes nationally, to Trump's 59,704,886 — a margin of 233,404 that puts Clinton on track to become the fifth U.S. presidential candidate to win the popular vote but lose the election.