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Survey: Floridians Differ On Hot-Button Issues

It seems Florida lawmakers aren't the only ones who can't agree. Residents also are divided over key economic and social issues, according to the latest release of the Sunshine State Survey.
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The Obama administration deported fewer immigrants over the past 12 months than at any time since 2006, according to internal figures obtained by The Associated Press as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton called Obama's deportation policies too harsh.

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Refueling air crews from Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base are flying daily support missions in the U.S. air campaign against the Islamic State.

The U.S. and Coalition their mission got more complicated this week when the Russians started flying airstrikes in the same Syrian air space.

Cloudy Timeline For Medical Marijuana Frustrates

2 hours ago

With the Department of Health unable to say when licenses will be issued in the state's new medical-marijuana industry, a House Republican on Tuesday blasted delays in carrying out a 2014 law billed as helping children with severe epilepsy.

Massage Licenses Could Be Revoked Over Sexual Misconduct

2 hours ago

A Southwest Florida massage therapist and massage establishment should lose their licenses and be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines after allegations of sexual misconduct, a state administrative law judge recommended this week.

Children who get health insurance through Medicaid go to the dentist about half as often as children in Florida who have private insurance, according to a new study out from the American Dental Association and the Health Policy Institute.

Consumers shopping on the government's health insurance website should find it easier this year to get basic questions answered about their doctors, medications and costs, according to an internal government document.

FL Whistleblower Wary Of Hospitals Hiring Docs

2 hours ago

There is a good chance that your once-independent doctor is now employed by a hospital. Dr. Michael Reilly, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., orthopedic surgeon, does not believe this is good for physicians, patients or society.

For years he watched Broward Health, a nonprofit Florida hospital system, hire community doctors, pay them millions and minutely track the revenue they generated from admissions, procedures and tests.

Senior citizens are switching from privately run insurance plans to traditional Medicare when they face serious, long-term health conditions, a study shows.

Researchers at Brown University found that 17 percent of Medicare Advantage patients who entered nursing homes for long-term care chose to switch to traditional Medicare the following year. Only 3 percent of similar patients in Medicare made the decision to go to a private Medicare Advantage plan.

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

The issue of illegal immigration has taken the stage front and center in the Republican presidential debates. So WUSF checks in with the fact-checkers from PolitiFact Florida to take on one claim from presidential aspirant Ben Carson.

There's been no shortage of claims from candidates for president about what to do about the quote-unquote "problem" of illegal immigration. So it was no surprise when this comment from West Palm Beach's Ben Carson came up during the Values Voter Summit in Washington:

Fisher Architects / USF Board of Trustees

Shopping may soon be a pleasure for the almost 60,000 University of South Florida students, faculty and staff who would be able to stop at a Publix proposed for the school's Tampa campus.

Under a plan approved Tuesday by the USF Board of Trustees Finance Workgroup, a 28,800 square foot Publix grocery store - think a neighborhood market, not a mega-store - would be built at the corner of Fletcher Avenue and Palm Drive.


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