University Beat
5:23 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

Class Teaches Food Photographers to Say 'Cheese!'

USFSP student Eric Vaughan shoots pictures of workers milking goats at the Dancing Goat Farm.
Mark Schreiner WUSF 89.7 News

It’s not every class that has students taking pictures of chickens on a farm one day and then pictures of them – well, not so alive – as they sit on the grill at a market on another day.

"The name of the class is "Sizzling Images," a short course in food photography, and so the purpose of the class is to immerse the students into the world of food photography," University of South Florida St. Petersburg visiting assistant professor Janet Keeler said.

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4:21 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

All Children's Buckles Down on Car Seat Safety

All Children's Hospital is offering car seat safety classes to parents this month.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes are one of the top three causes of death among children nationally--in 2011, they killed 650.

But health experts say that many fatalities can be prevented with the correct use of car seats. That's why All Children's Hospital is buckling down on car seat safety.

This month, All Children's is offering car seat classes to help parents learn the ins and outs of the straps, clips and latches to protect their precious cargo. 

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4:02 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

Carnival Aims to Launch Miami to Cuba Cruises in 2016

Undated file photo of 710-passenger Adonia ship, which Carnival Corp. plans to offer trips from Miami to Cuba on, starting in May 2016.
Credit AP Photo/Carnival Corporation

The world's largest cruise company could be heading to Cuba.

Starting in May, Carnival Corp. plans to offer trips from Miami to the Caribbean island nation, the company announced Tuesday. Carnival says it would become the first American cruise company to visit Cuba since the 1960 trade embargo. The trips will be through its new brand, fathom, which focuses on trips where passengers sail to a destination in order to volunteer there.

CEO Arnold Donald called the Cuba plans "an important first step" for his company and for the cruise industry.

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Florida Matters
3:38 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

Florida Matters: The Supreme Court’s Decision On Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Jan. 6 marked the first day in Florida history that same sex couples were able to legally marry. To mark the occasion, Hillsborough County Clerk Pat Frank held a group wedding.
Robin Sussingham WUSF News

Same-sex couples have been able to marry in Florida since Jan. 6, 2015. On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide. What are the impacts of this ruling on Florida’s same-sex couples? And what questions are they asking as they consider tying the knot?

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12:50 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

States Face Shaky Financial Futures; Florida Looks Good

In states like Nebraska and Florida, which get funding from a variety of different taxes revenues have increased steadily. Nebraska and Florida try to keep stable ratios of debt and spending to personal income, according to Norcross' research. New York, on the other hand, relies heavily on capital gains tax revenue and has seen large fluctuations in that income source due to federal legislative changes in recent years.
States are mounting an uneven fiscal recovery from the Great Recession, with energy-rich states leading and Northeastern states with big pension obligations lagging, a new study shows Alaska, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Florida are on the most solid financial footing, according to rankings of the 50 states released Tuesday by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
Health News Florida
11:33 am
Tue July 7, 2015

Doctors Call For More State Oversight After Infant Deaths

Originally published on Tue July 7, 2015 9:37 am

 After the deaths of five infants, a team of doctors from across the state was asked in 2014 to review a Palm Beach County hospital's highly specialized program for doing heart surgeries on children.

The team's recommendation: St. Mary's Medical Center should not perform heart surgeries on babies under 6 months old because the program did not handle enough cases to maintain the expertise needed for quality care.

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Health News Florida
11:32 am
Tue July 7, 2015

Winter Park Hospital Plans $90M Expansion

Winter Park Memorial Hospital plans to add 160 hospital beds in a five-story tower, and add to the ER.

Originally published on Tue July 7, 2015 11:42 am

Winter Park Memorial Hospital hopes to start construction at the beginning of 2016 on a major expansion. The $90 million expansion would double the emergency room and add a five-story, 160-bed tower.

If all goes according to plan, the hospital would add 26 bays to its ER by the end of 2016 and open the new tower by the end of 2017. Hospital Administrator Ken Bradley says the hospital is looking to build now because the community is growing: In particular, senior citizens.

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Health News Florida
11:32 am
Tue July 7, 2015

Kratom Users Dodge A Legislative Bullet In FL

Originally published on Tue July 7, 2015 9:39 am

Kratom users are celebrating after the Florida Legislature failed to begin a crackdown on the controversial Southeast Asian plant. But the fight isn’t over.

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration fact sheet lists Kratom as an addictive substance that’s mildly stimulating or, in large doses, “profoundly euphoric.”

Susan Ash, executive director of the American Kratom Association -- and a Lyme disease sufferer -- calls it a lifesaver.

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5:00 pm
Mon July 6, 2015

DEP Maps Out Beach Access

Credit DEP

UPDATE: The URL for the Beach Access Map has been shortened to

Florida has 825 miles of sandy coastline, but it may not feel that way if you don't know where to find public access in between the privately-owned properties.

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Health News Florida
3:25 pm
Mon July 6, 2015

State Sees Sharp Spike In Number Of Children In Foster Care

Originally published on Mon July 6, 2015 9:31 am

 The number of Florida children in the state's foster-care system has reached its highest level since 2008 --- driven by both a spike in the number of kids being removed from their homes and a drop in the number being discharged after a stint in foster care.

In the last 24 months, the number of children in what's known as out-of-home care has reached 22,004 statewide, up from 17,591 in 2013.

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Health News Florida
3:16 pm
Mon July 6, 2015

Millions In Free Clinic Funds Vetoed

Originally published on Mon July 6, 2015 9:02 am

Gov. Rick Scott single-handedly vetoed funding for a 10-page list of local and statewide projects that legislators hoped to included in the state’s 2015 budget. The cuts totaled $461 million from the $78 billion state budget.

One area where Scott’s cuts hit particularly hard: health care for the poor. Among his bigger cuts was $9.5 million for the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, which supports free and low-cost clinics that provide health-care to low-income communities across the state.

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11:26 am
Mon July 6, 2015

Marco Rubio Is Hardly a Hero in Cuba-He Likes That

Resistance to Fidel Castro’s Communist government has served as the foundation of Mr. Rubio’s personal and political identity. A Florida Republican who has been identified in the state-controlled newspaper here as a “representative in the Senate of the Cuban-American terrorist mafia,” he has argued for years that normalized relations with the United States would only strengthen an oppressive Cuban government that impoverishes its people, limits access to information and violates human rights.
CABAIGUÁN, Cuba - In the lush countryside and teeming city neighborhoods where Senator Marco Rubio 's family cut sugar cane, toiled in tobacco mills and scraped by to make a better life for their children, the first Cuban-American to have a plausible chance to become president of the United States is the island's least favorite son.
NPR Story
10:28 am
Mon July 6, 2015

Who's Been Giving To Jeb Bush's Education Group?

The education foundation started by Jeb Bush has released a list of donors.
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia/Flickr

Originally published on Fri July 3, 2015 12:20 pm

This week, the education advocacy group started by former Gov. Jeb Bush released a detailed list of donors for the first time. The Foundation for Excellence in Education posted the list on its website.

The Foundation for Excellence in Education conducts research and advocates for states to adopt education policies, including expanding school choice, measuring student, teacher and school progress and adopting the Common Core math and language arts standards. The group has raised $46 million since 2007.

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Law & Order
9:44 am
Mon July 6, 2015

Tampa Responds to Gun Violence Spike

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn announcing the gun buy-back event.
Credit Yoselis Ramos

Responding to a surge in gun deaths, Tampa police say they will increase patrols through East and West Tampa, where a higher concentration of the gun violence is happening.

"It's just this particular spike in violent crime is obviously very concerning so we're doing even more than what we traditionally do," Andrea Davis with the Tampa Police Department said. "We want to have that very visible police presence to deter some of this violent crime."

A federal grant received last year will cover overtime pay, she said.

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StoryCorps Tampa Bay
8:00 am
Mon July 6, 2015

StoryCorps Tampa Bay: Childhood Innocence

Clarice Pennington and Cora Royal talk about Cora's childhood, her favorite memory and growing up in segregation times.

In this intallment, Cora Royal tells her friend, Clarice Pennington, about her childhood and the experience of segregation in St. Petersburg. 

Cora Royal was a teacher, and Clarice Pennington was a principal in Pinellas County. Both women are retired.

Music Used:

"One Nation Under the Groove," by Funkadelic from the album, One Nation Under the Groove

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